Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to empower humanity

To give back; From what we have got

We create transformative, utility, and other daily use merchandise (for general selling and exclusive for corporate). We first started with our blessed Calendar, in 2014, for the fund-raising of the Foundation, while helping people to transform their lives for the better, with the powerful Oracle messages and affirmations for the 53 Weeks of the Year.

We collect unused gifts or expensive items in good condition for our charity fundraising events. Most of the times we receive gifts on weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, diwali, new year etc. that we do not wish to use. Share them with us so that we can add them them into the fundraising SALE events.

We also create film merchandise, corporate merchandise, interesting daily use items like travel pouches, folders, key chains, watches, wall clocks, diaries, pens, and other creative exclusive items too.

We also create other fund raising special merchandise, connected to “Beloved Avatar Meher Baba” for sale among the Baba Lovers community.

We create amazing range of merchandise for fund raising through the talents of our loving family, friends, clients, students, patrons and well wishers. We welcome all other artists, and creative people – Painters, Fashion designers, Sculptors, Photographers, Merchandise companies, etc., to help us create more merchandise and contribute in creating items for sale, auction, fund raising events etc.

For collabarating on this aspect, please email us on: