Our Mission and Vision

The foundation aims to help all generations of our times. There is the generation that has molded us into who we are; Our Teachers and our Elders and then are the children / under privileged children, the future of the world whom we can help mold to become their True Self.

Our Vision, is to help create healthy environments across the board, imparting empowerment training, vocational training and strengthening humanity so that they can live life in a responsive manner and become ideal universal citizens.

Only Together We Can

 “One of the most difficult things to learn is to render service without fuss and without pride. In the world of spirituality, humility counts as much as utility.”  ~ Meher Baba

Our Five Pillars


Education & Medical


Vocational Skills Bank


Pledge your Occasion


Donation of Items


Food Seva

Goodwill Ambassadors





Sage Foundation

Whistling Woods

International Legal Alliance

Impact Stories

At Meher Roshani Foundation @meherroshani the founding philosophy has been built on the factor “To Give Back from What We Have Got.” It has been so, to help people understand through Social Service for the Soul (our S3 Initiatives), the true meaning of giving and that ‘giving’ was not Just about money. We all have something that we can give out into this big wide world to make it a little better.

Education and Medical Sponsorship

We at Meher Roshani Foundation support the underprivileged children by sponsoring education and also medical facilities for families (elders or children) to make their life stress free from these heavy expenses and realise their dreams. When children finish school, it doesn’t just impact them but their whole community. It improves family situations, health, and even lifestyles. We love to spread smile. We have also been supporting further studies like the CA and Medical and Law Studies through these sponsorships. You can come forward to sponsor 1 or more kids or sponsor the Medical needs of the applications we receive.

Vocational Skills Bank

We have done various programs like Eco Ganesha, Tie & Dye, Bag Making, Beautician courses etc. to help the underserved sectors move towards self-sufficiency. The concept to teach them to fish rather than run out providing the fish applies to our endeavour. We are looking at having our own space to train the underprivileged for different professions that can help them in sustainable living.

Pledge Your Occasion

Share your joys with the underserved siblings of humanity. We have our spiritual program Students, our Sparkling Volunteers, Friends, and Clients to celebrate their life occasions with kids, senior citizens, or teens as per their choice, to share the happiness. In giving we receive more is the philosophy that Meher Roshani Foundation is pillared upon.

We encourage our Clients, Students and Patrons to celebrate their life events like kids’ birthdays, their own Birthdays, Anniversaries etc., and involve their kids and families to be a part of it with the lesser fortunate for bringing smiles to our under-privileged siblings. For each soul it is a blessed opportunity to be a Giver and we Thank the Receivers who grace us with these blessed moments.

Donation of Items

Donation of Items – We ask individuals and companies to give us old but working condition laptops, computers, printers, clothes etc. for donating to night schools, slum and street school kids, municipal school kids etc.

Food Seva

Right from its inception in 2013, Meher Roshani Foundation has been involved, in monthly donation activities of food, stationary and other items, to affiliate NGO and Destitute schools, orphanages, Bastis (hutments), and to need based individuals, for education school fees sponsorship, medical sponsorship, general donations, etc. We also have our yearly, Children’s Party, Diwali Party, the Annual Happiness Event which is our Christmas and New Year Party, Women’s Day and many other such yearly a blessed opportunity to be a Giver and we Thank the Receivers who grace us with these blessed moments.