Social Service for the Soul


The Meher Roshani Foundation is our humble endeavour to give back to Humanity; because we believe that, “We make a Living from what we Get; but we make a Life from what we Give.”

We at our parent company, WHOLEistic Wellbeing Pvt. Ltd., empower individuals towards Spiritual Independence, through personal guidance, healing, and spiritual mentoring/coaching sessions and through our transformative corporate and individual workshops, meditations and seminars, to become a WHOLEistic Universal Citizen. We encourage our students, participants and clients to be a part of our activities, not just by financial charity, but by giving them an opportunity to involve their soul efforts through their time, talents, gifts, efforts, recommendations and much more. We help everyone to feel equally capable of doing “Charity” as for us Charity is not just about money, it is about mindful involvement of empowered, caring, loving and understanding souls. Thus in many humane ways, we help people to move away from mindless, indifferent Charity, to mindful charity involving their soul.

We instil in our fellow humans, the core ethos of spiritual essence, where actually it is the Receiver, who is at a higher spiritual pedestal, because, “None can be graced to be a Giver, unless there is a Receiver.” In a nutshell our aim through our Foundation activities is; to make every individual move towards, oneness, brotherhood, dignity of labor, and see the Divine Glory of the Creator in everyone and everything around them. 

You can help us through various means as an Individual or as an Institution through your CSR / ISR Initiatives.

Your help could be in the form of:

~ Regular donations to the foundation.

~ Donating / volunteering in our Monthly activities, like the food distribution, food bhandara cooking, and other blankets/clothes/assorted items distribution.

~ Order our yearly calendar (individual / bulk corporate orders) every year & support other such activities of saleable items through the year, for fund-raising. 

~ If you are a creative soul, you could step up to create items and opportunities for fund raising, sales, auction, etc.

~ Sponsor any of our yearly events like Childrens day, Christmas, New Year & Diwali celebrations, auction events/dinner events, etc.

~ Donations for certain activities like medical camps, medical funding for a teacher or child, fee sponsorship of a child/children etc.

~ Donation of your children’s old books that are in good condition and which can be distributed to schools, libraries or needy children.

~ Donation of new clothes, stationery, toys etc. and also old ones, that are in good condition.

~ Help with contacts and references to help reach out to schools and colleges/institutes for the yearly membership/affiliation/education forums and more.

~ Help us connect with the right people, forums and platforms across the city, country or the World.

~ Help us tie-up with doctors, hospitals and medical institutes for free / discounted treatment in the form of surgeries, medicines, admissions if needed, etc.

~ By sponsorship/help in the execution of events related to the causes initiated and supported by the foundation.

~ By volunteering your time and effort for any events, forums etc. or to create awareness, design and maintain our website, design flyers and other promotional material for our foundation and its activities, from time to time.

~ By ordering your Corporate, Films/Media or Institution Merchandise with us.

~ Last but not the least, through your continuing support that shall help us; to help others.

Roshani Shenazz
Founder & Managing Worker, Child of God; Serving her Creator & HIS Creation